Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ducks for Breakfast and Rude People

That got your attention huh?  You wondered: "did she eat ducks for breakfast?"   No, but I do have ducks around the farm, and I get a buttload of wild ducks that stop by every morning and evening for their meals.  They are Black-Bellied Whistling Wood ducks and they are cuter than ever.  They don't quack like my white Pekin duck (you know the duck, like the one in the commercial - AFLACK!).  No , these little ducks actually have a whistling call.  They also are pretty colorful, with orangey pink legs and beaks.  Their bodies are mixes of green, brown, black and white pattern.  My Pekin duck loves it when they visit and gets all excited running around them quacking and head butting (I think this is some kind of ducky communication that is akin to flirting and showing readiness to mate).   I managed to get a video clip of the ducks a couple of months ago fighting over the breakfast grains and thought I would share.  It's very entertaining around here at feeding times!  (Turn your volume up so you can adequately hear the ducky voices).

The second part of this post is kind of a rant about rude and immature people.  Me and a few friends lease spaces at a local antiques/resale shop named Dixieland Antiques and Resale (in Alvin, Texas if anyone wants to drop in for a visit!).  This afternoon was a day that 3 of the rudest dealers I've ever encountered moved out (Thank God!).  These 3 individuals have been causing a great deal of problems at the shop for a long time.  They were constantly quibbling over other dealers at the store and gossiping out loud and rudely while customers were in the store.  Left a bad taste in the mouth for the customers, some of who commented to the store managers about it.  These 3 people bad mouthed any other dealer they "didn't like", which was quite a few, and were actually the problem makers themselves.... you know those kind of people I'm sure.  Well, today, while I was at the shop moving into a bigger space, these 3 people were packing up and moving out to another store.  They were bad mouthing to every customer that was trying to have a nice shopping experience, saying nasty things about the shop and trying their mightiest to ensure the customers never came back.  HOW RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to the remaining dealers, and how IMMATURE can you be people?  Give it a rest why don't cha?  Just get your stuff and get out if you're not happy, but don't try to slander the shop to it's customers.  I kept my mouth shut for the most part until one particular comment was made about the "back stabbing shop dealers", all while customers were milling about, and so I simply said out loud: "hey, not all of us are back stabbers".    While I'm glad they are finally gone, there is a lesson here that I want to pass on..... there are always going to be nasty people around, but in the end, the good ones get their just reward.  Nasty people will always get what's coming to them eventually.


  1. Oh most gosh...I was so upset while I was there. Thank goodness we were both there to lean on. I have never and will never understand rude, immature people. I agree with what goes around comes around. I mean just because they were upset with the way things are around the shop (i.e. not their way) why should all the dealers who have nothing to do with anything have to deal with the nonsense. I do have a bad feeling though about the cruelty of these folks and to the extent their hatred will have on Dixieland Antiques.

  2. Love the ducks! Jill perked her ears up and listened too! :-)

    When I had the Jewelry Box, there were some people there that made it difficult to do business, I was glad when they left! I don't know how some people can be so rude. They will get theirs.....

  3. First my apologies for not having you on the right hand side of my blog. I thought I had already done that! But you are there now!!!! Big grin!

    Secondly, folks who behave like those three did really only accomplish one thing and that is to make themselves look really bad. Instead of the customers talking about the business, they are going to chat about the three who bitched and complained.

    And karma does work!!