Thursday, April 14, 2011

What do you collect?

I collect.  I'm a collector.  My collection(s) are varied and over the years I've had different collections of things.  Once upon a time I collected pig items.  It started innocently enough when I was on a chili cook-off team at work and we were called "Pig Chili Cook-Off Team".  Well, we had to have pigs for props right?  So I started buying some pig paraphernalia.  A few things here, a few things there and all of a sudden I'm known as the Pig Lady.  Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary.... I got pig related things.  People at work brought me pig related things.  I got some really cool pig things.  Then before you know it, I had a HUUUUUUGGGGGEEE pig collection.  Hmmm, what to do with it?  I sold some of it in my resale shop, but most of it is packed in boxes in storage now.  I don't want to bring it back in the house.  I'm over pigs. 

Now, a few years ago, I also started collecting Vaseline depression glass.  Do you know what Vaseline glass is?  It's glass items that have uranium in it so when you shine a black light on it, the item glows bright green.  Really cool stuff.  Depression glass items are described as machine-pressed, tinted glassware mass-produced during the 1920s and 1930s.  There is also Early American Pattern Glass or EAPG.  EAPG, also known as simply "pattern glass", or Victorian glass is pressed glass tableware (& some related novelty glass items) made only during the Victorian period ca 1850-1910, only in America, and in "sets" such that all of the pieces in the set matched in design (definition is from: - lots of good information there if you're interested in collecting).  Admittedly, there are lots and lots of reproductions being passed off as EAPG or Depression glass, and one has to be very savvy as a collector to know the difference.  That's not me yet!  I know I've got reproductions, but I like them just the same.  Maybe someday I can consider myself an expert in knowing the difference.  I have some cool pieces though, and some I think are the real thing.  If not, I hope no one bursts my bubble!  I also have some clear glass, ruby glass, and pink glass items.  My glass pieces include makers and patterns like Fenton, Kings Crown pattern, Westmoreland, etc. (too many to list all the glass makers and patterns of glass here).

Isn't the glow under blacklight cool?

This is a Fenton piece.

This is a Westmoreland piece.

I also collect vintage items like this Jaguar TV Lamp.  When I was a little girl I so fondly remember my Grandma having one of these on her TV and when I saw one at auction, well, I just had to have it!  It has a light on the backside of it and it's in mint condition. 

I recently started acquiring (or trying to anyway), Jadeite pieces.  So far, I have a grease jar collector with a rooster detail painted on it, and I have some kitchen canisters that just came in the mail, but sadly one of the pieces was shattered.  Darn it!  I will still use the flour, coffee, and grits canisters though..... the sugar was the shattered piece.  So, anyone have a sugar Jadeite kitchen canister they want to donate to me?  Fire King, by Anchor Hocking is the REAL Jadeite I would like to collect, but those pieces are expensive.  I might acquire some real pieces mixed in with the reproductions.  What I have now are of course, reproductions.  That's OK for starters.  One of my blog reads, Pioneer Woman, collects the real Fire King Jadeite stuff and I know she has a fortune invested in her pieces.  It's pretty stuff, and I like green (i.e. see green Vaseline glass above). 

I collect other things too (Coach bags and purses, Thomas Kinkade paintings, horse paintings and drawings), to name a few.  So, that's some of what I collect.  What are your collections?


  1. Beautiful collection! But it must be a nightmare to dust! BTW my favourite colour is green too, so you clearly have excellent taste!

  2. It does get dicey to dust and I must admit I don't do it as often as I should!

  3. This decade, I collected silver (spoons mostly), my collections have changed through the years, as well. I have pretty well given up on acquiring anything and am concentrating on disposal. :-)

  4. I collected horse things most of my life, then chicken things when I was active in showing chickens. My rule though was that items had to be small, and I never had too many of them displayed at one time. Now I'm older and appreciate less clutter. It's hard to live a simple life when you have a lot of stuff. (Coming over from John Gray's blog to say "hi".)

  5. been to you blog many times....sorry for not commenting!
    love the cockerel jar!!!!!!


  6. Yes Jan it is time to downsize some of my collections and I have taken some to my resale shop to sell. I will probably always be a collector of some sort though! I raise chickens on my farm too. I love their fresh eggs and also sell some to a few people. More than anything I just love their antics for entertainment. I lost one of my young pullets last night after a much vain attempt at trying to nurse her back to health. I haven't a clue why she got sick and the others are fine. It's sad when I lose one but I do my best, like John does to keep them healthy. Sometimes you can't save them all. And John, you have commented often on my blog and I sincerely appreciate it every time!

  7. Pretty collections and more impressive in person (lucky to say fellow bloggers I have been to Kim's home). Don't let her fool you...she keeps a very tidy home and displays her items well. I too love the Jadite but can't say that I have chosen any one item to collect.

  8. Thanks my friend. I do try to keep things tidy in this small house with all the animals!

  9. Hi ! I started collecting jadeite a few years ago! I am so addicted that I started blogging about it ! ( . I've seen a few of your sugar canisters on eBay ! You can get one from there for your replacement!