Friday, February 11, 2011

In the beginning......

Well, here's my first post on my new blog.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this or not, but I figured I have interesting enough things to post about so I gave in and here I am!  I hope you stick with me... I'm sure I'll get better as time goes by.  I will be blogging about my life in retirement on my small farm in big ole Alvin, Texas!  Doesn't that sound exciting???!!  Seriously though, I capitulated (wow, big word!) a lot on whether I wanted to join the blogging world because it's a big responsibility!  I have been a follower of other people's blogs for a while now and the thought of putting myself out there to the world.... well, it's scary people!  I admire all you bloggers, believe me.

When I retired from my job last October, I wondered what focus my life will take (besides the usual that is, i.e., animals, housework, farm chores)?  Did I have it all figured out???? Heck No!  I was just gonna go with it and see where life headed.... Oh yeah, I had some idea of what I WANTED to do. 
Let's see:  1) Antiques?  Love it, but if I wanted to make money at it, I needed to commit a lot of time and effort to rent a space at the local antique dealers like some of my other friends have done.  They are really committed to making it work and spend a lot of time at it..... I didn't think I could commit that kind of time. 
2) Gardening? Oh yeah.....THAT I can do!  Right? Right.  But I don't have any gardening experience.... I am going to try though.  After all, I want to live the simpler life, right?!  So I ordered a bunch of stuff from Stark Bros. Nursery.  It will be delivered the end of February.  I thought, "I can certainly have my garden area ready to receive new plantings by the end of February!"  Sure.  Then we have these cold, wintry, FREEZING days starting the 1st of February!  IN TEXAS - the GULF COAST!  I'm Not Used To Freezing Weather!  I don't do cold very well.  So, the garden area hasn't been started yet!  Which means, I'm stressing out about it!  Raise a glass to the Simpler Life!

I will be adding pictures to go with my posts.  That's what I'm supposed to do right?  And I have this nice, fancy camera.... of course, I've gotta learn to use.  I figured blogging will force me to learn, because what's the fun in posting without pictures?  None!  So, here's my first picture and post.  This is where my garden is supposed to go:

Yeah, I know.  I've got a long way to go.  But imagine what it could look like.... grapes growing up the wooden fence, rows and rows of tomatoes, peppers, onion... I'm also going to do red raspberries, and blackberries.  I'm going to have an herb garden separately too.  I plan on doing raised bed planting, so I guess I better get started huh?!

I am going to start introducing my animals to you with each post.  This post introduces one of our 3 inside cats.  Her name is Floofy.  Started out being Halo when we got her as a wee kitten.  But, with all of our animals, we let their names come to them as their personalities develop over time.  She is a fluffy cat, and a queen if there ever was one, so somehow that all translated into Floofy.  Don't ask.  Anyway, she is a bad example of a purebred Turkish Van.  That's what we were told her breeding was, but I don't believe it.  Turkish Vans are supposed to have darker markings and a solid, dark tail.  You can see she only has a very light mark on her forehead and a pure white tail.  She's huuuuuuge though, and I believe Turkish Vans are very large cats.  And she's a real sweetheart (well, most of the time!)  She mainly just lays around looking fat.  And pretty!  Until she decides to poop on the rug by my back door.  And I realize it AFTER I open the door and it smears across the floor...... she has done that a few times and I don't understand why.  Anyone talk cat?  So maybe I can ask her why she does that?  I've tried all kinds of things to stop it, and the only thing so far that has worked is removing the cover from her cat box.  I think she didn't like the cover on it, maybe she felt claustrophobic in it.  So hopefully that cured her bad habit, because I can't live with a cat that doesn't use a litter box!
Well, I'm off to do outside feedings.  The animals get really cranky if I don't feed them on time!  Primadonna's- the whole lot of them!


  1. Great first post!!!
    Floofy! Love the name. And she does look like a diva. :)
    Had to laugh at the gardening talk. Like you I don't know a lot about gardening, but this year a garden IS going to be planted. This will be the learning year.
    Giggling over the snow Texas got. hee hee
    You and I both know someone who doesn't like the cold either. No, not me. I love the snow!!!
    Looking forward to your next post and many more. Also looking forward to meeting all your critters.

  2. are right Cindy...I hate the cold! Great start on your blog Kim. I look forward to checking out the stories. I had a garden...once. I hope to have a garden again soon but not motivated to get out in the cold.

  3. Floofy definatley looks like a Turkish Van. She just looks like she has not got show quality markings. I have 2 Turkish Vans myself and the shape and size for Floofy looks like one, the coat looks like one and the facial expression looks like one. Turkish Vans come in several different colours. I have red and whites but yours looks like blue/black and white. Their ocats feel so much softer than a domestic cat and this is often a sign that it is a Turkish Van. They also have a completely different voice to a domestic too.

    As for the inappropriate elimination, ome cats find that the smell of the amonia within the enclosed litter tray too much and some just do not like being inside an enclosed space. If she continues to do this then a trip to the vets might help as sometimes this is their way of saying something is wrong. Keep the tray clean and have 1 tray per cat plus 1 incase their is any problems with cats becoming territorial over one tray or are bullying the others away from trays. Good Luck.